Hand fasting in Preston

I spent most of last weekend hand-fasting two fabulous ladies in a wooded glade near Preston. Despite terrible forecasts we were incredibly lucky with the weather and during the ceremony we had shards of sunlight through the trees.

The couple and all of their friends were absolutely wonderful and it was a real privilege to meet and hang out with them before and after the ceremony, I met some fascinating people, received lovely feedback and made some terrific new friends.

Am so chuffed to receive this feedback that I have to share it!

"On Weds my wife and I signed to convert our Civil Partnership to a marriage. We celebrated on Friday with an outdoor handfasting and four winds ceremony written and delivered by Viv Andrews. It was just perfect for us, Viv was amazing in the way she 'got us', we didn't need to change anything at all and she engaged our friends beautifully, creating a wonderful and spiritual celebration of our love and our relationship, (and a really funny Mrs & Mrs quiz the night before) it was just magical. Testament to Viv's wonderful creative ability. Thanks Viv "