Is it a christening?

At a baby naming ceremony I conducted recently, I was asked to explain myself. What is a celebrant, what is a name-giving? Is it real? Is it a christening? What's the point?

I explained to the gentleman that it is similar to a christening, but it can be done anywhere, I tend not to include any references to a deity and I try to make my ceremonies as personal as possible, by finding out all about the family, why they chose the baby's name and why they think it is important to mark the occasion. As much as possible I will try to use the family's own words in the ceremony and then thread them together with some of the readings and poems I have come across in my travels - along with a structure that allows the parents and supporting adults to make their personal promises to the child.

After the service the gentleman who had been so curious sought me out to shake my hand. 'I understand what you do now', he said. 'You really bring some meaning to it. I've never experienced that in a traditional christening'.

As far as I'm concerned, that's job done. :)