I was asked to conduct my first wedding by two friends I had introduced to each other.


I was so keen to do a good job that I was inspired to take the training and do it properly. It was a fantastic honour and an amazing experience and I well and truly got the bug! To be able to help to shape and be a part of something that means so much to someone is a tremendous privilege and I take it very seriously.

Since then I have conducted many successful ceremonies of all kinds.

I pride myself in my ability to deliver a service which is reflective of who you are and that you'll remember with pleasure for the rest of your lives. I am skilled at gathering background information and can find the right tone to suit your occasion whether that is poignant, moving and sincere, or light and funny or something in between.

I will accommodate your special requirements whether that's by remembering a loved one who can't be present, working in an unusual venue or fitting in with a specific dress code for your day. Bring it on, I'll bring my flippers!

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