My name is Viv Andrews. I write and conduct beautiful heartfelt ceremonies for weddings, funerals, handfastings and baby namings in the North West.


I am Viv Andrews, an unconventional 47-year-old mother of one based in Chorlton cum Hardy, South Manchester. I try to take on funerals and weddings for families I really resonate with. Being a celebrant is a vocation for me and not a career, it feels like my service to the world to hold space for those who are grieving. I support my income by event and stage managing at festivals during the summer months. I was involved in organising free parties in the late 90’s and early 2000s and on occasion would be persuaded to take a turn behind the decks.

I am an anti-capitalist peacenik activist and volunteer for CND. My passion for trees and the natural world has led to my working with Live Wild based in Hebden Bridge, an organisation that facilitates nature connection for young people. At one time I was a successful web project manager, but I gave up any connections with the corporate lifestyle when I had my daughter nine years ago. I now choose only to involve myself in work which feels authentic, connected and useful in the world.

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